021 and The new Traincraft Server

Global Rails is going over a complete redesign, this includes a new world, new modpack, and a new design for the server as a whole.
This new server will be called The Lost Rails.
This is in direct collaboration with Eternal Blue Flame, and the new server will be the Official Traincraft server on public release.
Currently the new server is under construction by staff, and we will be announcing when it opens to the public at a later date.

The new design will be based around NPC towns that are able to buy and sell goods and provide quests, with a wilderness that can regen everything from normal blocks to ores.

Land ownership and renting will be fully automated via towny and areashop, until a later time that Fexcraft States will be available.
If the land becomes unowned it will slowly revert back to the state it was in before purchasing.

The mod list is planned to include:

Advanced Solar Panels, AgriCraft, AOBD, AE2, AE2 Stuff, Biomes O Plenty, Chisel, Custom NPC Extra Cells, IC2, IC2 Nuclear Control, Immersive Engineering, Mekanism, Mekanism Generators, Mekanism Tools, Journeymap, Pam’s Harvestcraft, Railcraft, Tinkerer’s Construct, and of course, Traincraft.
This list doesn’t count server-only mods, or dependency mods, and there may be some minor additional revisions to this list before release to the public.
The modpack is being designed so it will still run smoothly with 1gb of RAM, while allowing a fair degree of support for advanced gameplay features like complicated factories.

We are still hiring builders and moderators, if you'd like to apply for a position dm either Schlittertopia#6093 (Owner), Mutt_1066#4200 (Co-Owner), or @🌙 LunarTales 🌙#6289 (Head builder).
Builders will be primarily for building schematics the NPC’s will use, rather than entire towns, so you can use the modpack on a superflat world to begin building stuff ahead of time for submission, by comparison rail line and spawn builders will be a much smaller and short-term role.
Moderators will be more for enforcing rules rather than helping players, so unlike most servers the role will not include creative mode or the fly command.

Server Discord: https://discord.gg/xYQzaHY

In other news Traincraft 021 has been confirmed, this update is intended to be purely a bugfix, due to a series of crash reports we received. So we won't be adding any new content, this includes content that was missed for adding to 020 (there was an alpha period of it for a reason).


  1. Hello to trainscraft people and developers i have a suggetion, you could make an "N" Conmuter and/or an "X" conmuter (rhe letters are a form of that conmuters" it would be a big help for building train sistems making a big help fot de Parallel conmuter , wich is very useful but that new possible suggestions will help us a lot, and other suggestion is you could make more electric trains, it would be awesome, i hope an answer and thank you a lot for this awesome mod 😁🤩


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