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021 and The new Traincraft Server

Global Rails is going over a complete redesign, this includes a new world, new modpack, and a new design for the server as a whole.
This new server will be called The Lost Rails.
This is in direct collaboration with Eternal Blue Flame, and the new server will be the Official Traincraft server on public release.
Currently the new server is under construction by staff, and we will be announcing when it opens to the public at a later date.

The new design will be based around NPC towns that are able to buy and sell goods and provide quests, with a wilderness that can regen everything from normal blocks to ores.

Land ownership and renting will be fully automated via towny and areashop, until a later time that Fexcraft States will be available.
If the land becomes unowned it will slowly revert back to the state it was in before purchasing.

The mod list is planned to include:
Advanced Solar Panels, AgriCraft, AOBD, AE2, AE2 Stuff, Biomes O Plenty, Chisel, Custom NPC Extra Cells, IC2, IC2 Nuc…

Release 020A, and server recruiting.

With the release of 019 there has been no shortage of activity.
A number of servers are looking for staff, and we're more than happy to help them get the word out.
One of our users made a rather detailed video on 019.
And some bugs in 019 have forced our hands to making 020A, which is close to done already (that's gotta be some kinda speed record for us).
I'll be covering all that.

First off I'm covering the servers.

----- Global Rails -----
TC server working on expanding and improving, they have some big plans for this year, so there's a lot of stuff currently in development trying to get things ready for the server update.
You can check them out on our server list:
Staff needed:
- Builders, people willing to make designs around the 12th to 16th century. - Helpers, people that can help keep staff informed on problems, alongside introducing new members to the server, and other smaller jobs. - Moderators, peop…

New year, new Traincraft release

Well plans were to get 019 and the rewrite's first alpha (TiM) out last month, but things got a bit hectic, between holidays, my car breaking down 3 times, and 2 days lost due to discord raids (which we had to change our invite link to fix), we were on no shortage of delays.

019 Is going into it's last stage of bug testing now, short of something else breaking last minute, the code is done and the new content is in, and we're on schedule to release very soon.
This also means we finally have a changelog ready, which will be at the bottom of the post.

Speaking of future things, we are also working on a collaboration for getting the official server up and running, development for it was stalled there for a good few months, as it was very hard to find help to do the hard tasks.
And we could still use a few more hands on deck, specifically reliable builders who can do styles from 14th to 16th century while using a rather limited set of mods.
Send a DM to Mutt_1066#4200 on ou…

Happy Thanksgiving from RWC!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all had a good day enjoying the day off with family. This year RailwayCraft will be hosting its 8th annual Thanksgiving party! You are invited to join us Nov. 23rd at 7:00pm EST to have some fun getting food drops, special item drops, boat racing, and some train excursions around spawn line. Parking will be limited at the event area so please arrive early when the gates open and or take a passenger train is service to minimize traffic congestion. Food donations for the party are also welcome! For contributing, your individual names will be announced before your foods are dropped. If you wish to partake in the food donations, be sure to have your food in the freightcar (red boxcar) and freightwagon(light orange boxcar) for the staff to collect. Hope to see some of you there! -RWC Staff Team

TiM, what is it, and how's progress?

Trains in Motion, better known as TiM, is a new mod in development to fix TC's bigger bugs, add dozens of new features, and give the community far more capability to add to the mod.

The goal is generally basic, A mod that provides some HIGHLY customizeable vanilla sized rails and the back-end to make all kinds of trains and rollingstock work, without actually containing any trains or stock.
Seems kinda stupid without context, all rails no trains.
But there's good reason, mods like Traincraft will be able to rely on TiM as a dependency for all their under-workings, a separate mod to do all the hard work for it. Simplifying several thousand lines of code, down to a few hundred that are roughly as simple as the average config.
This makes it not only simpler for us, but simpler for other users that want to add content to Traincraft, or even allow their trains and other content to be used without Traincraft.
It also ensures universal compatibility, so that way you never have to worry wh…

Traincraft 019, what's going on behind closed doors.

We've all been waiting a while on 019, and most are wondering what the hold-up is.

Well the big news about 019 is that it's a content update, it's been a long while since we had one of those.

With things from small carts made of bamboo, to the JNR D51, and a number of new skins.
And of course a few updates to existing trains and stock, because some of our more dedicated community members, like Riggs64 and Sebasver, are always striving to improve their work.
I can't announce the full list just yet because a lot of things havn't finished getting through quality control yet, but the D51 probably carries a lot of hype on it's own.

Bugfixes are in the works too.
018 didn't go without some issues of it's own, and those are being addressed for the next release.
The speed bugs where trains can go crazy fast has been dealt with.
And I fixed my modifications to the permissions stuff that caused various issues with players not being able to link/unlink trains and …