Release 020A, and server recruiting.

With the release of 019 there has been no shortage of activity.
A number of servers are looking for staff, and we're more than happy to help them get the word out.
One of our users made a rather detailed video on 019.
And some bugs in 019 have forced our hands to making 020A, which is close to done already (that's gotta be some kinda speed record for us).
I'll be covering all that.

First off I'm covering the servers.

----- Global Rails -----
TC server working on expanding and improving, they have some big plans for this year, so there's a lot of stuff currently in development trying to get things ready for the server update.
You can check them out on our server list:
Staff needed:
- Builders, people willing to make designs around the 12th to 16th century.
- Helpers, people that can help keep staff informed on problems, alongside introducing new members to the server, and other smaller jobs.
- Moderators, people that can enforce the rules appropriately.
- Devs, people to help write advanced mod configs.

- Must be able to join and participate in English staff voice meetings.
- Must be able to remain impartial even if you feel personally offended (aka be able to enforce the rules, and not your ego).

To Apply:
They need to know position you are applying for, Minecraft name, Time zone, country, how/where you found the recruitment (in this case TC website), if/how long you have played the server, and any specific traits that you feel makes you a good choice for the position.
you can DM the info to Schlittertopia#0220  or Mutt_1066#4200 on our discord, or theirs.
Their discord:
Our discord:

----- TrainNation -----
A new server, looking to build themselves up as a community project. The community is mostly German but they don't limit themselves to that, so don't be afraid to check them out regardless of where you are from.
They aren't on our server list yet, but they are happy to answer your questions on their Discord.

Staff needed:
- Builders, people to build and design stations, rail lines, and cities.

To Apply:
They need to know position you are applying for, Minecraft name, Time zone, language, how/where you found the recruitment (in this case TC website), and any specific traits that you feel makes you a good choice for the position.
you can post your application on their discord, or DM the info to Sektorium#8253 on our discord, or theirs.
Their discord:
Our discord:

Onto the video.
One of our users, Articulated Engineer#4301, is looking to start making videos, this is their first attempt, there's still some room for improvement (mostly in video editing), but overall they look off to a good start.

If you can't view the video here, you can watch it directly on Google Drive:

And lastly 020A, because when are we ever done?
Alongside a number of things we were supposed to have in 019, but weren't, there were also a couple of crashes, and some new speed bugs that needed attention, so 020 was basically confirmed from day 1 of 019's release.

There are some rather big changes in the code that the team doesn't have full confidence in, even though our testing (which has been more than usual) shows it's fine.
Because of this unease we will be releasing it on curse as an alpha (thus the A in 020A), so it shouldn't be the default download, in addition to that there will be an expiration date on this release, so expect a full "020" release in the future with a few more bug fixes.

I have to admit this has been one of the most incredibly constructive bugfix releases thus far, the collaboration from the community was great in both code and art, and the git commit history is a beautiful mess.

So here's the changelog thus far:

- Added a large number of skins from wcfb that were supposed to be in 019.
- Fixed a missing skin registry value for the F7 A unit.
- Lime F7 unit texture fix from Prof_Binky.
- Added 4 new Long Covered Hopper skins by Mutt_1066.

- Rheingold pantograph dining car now uses correct bogies.
- Fixed a position bug with the smoke effects on trains.
- Fixed a rotation bug with riders on trains.
- Fixed some linking distance issues.
- Fixed some GUI name issues.
- Fixed missing sounds for the BP4 and FOL M1
- Fixed the Class 66 using the wrong horn.
- Fixed a texture bug with the WLs40
- Fixed a crafting guide crash with MTC.
- Fixed the E10 being backwards.
- Fixed a texture bug specific to Linux/OSX.
- Fixed a bug with slowing down in MTC (fix by PeachMaster)
- Fixed a bug with tankers where inventories wouldn't stack to the item's max stack size.
- Fixed some sound bugs with locomotives that tended to spam console and create lag.
- Updated the name of the NY Subway to the Kawasaki PA4.
- Fixed some tender capacity bugs.
- Fixed a linking bug with the GS4 tailcar.
- Fixed the fowler using the wrong sounds.
- Berk tender texture fixes from Riggs64
- 44 ton switcher texture fix from Riggs64
- Fixed bug where the coal ore directory would not see vanilla coal.
- fixed an admin permission bug for removing trains.
- fixed a bug that caused trains with a corrupt owner, or name related to game profile that's different from game name, to become unusable in some cases.
- added some bogies by Bidahochi that were supposed to be in 019.
- Various fixes for the Rheingold stock, E10, and E103 by Sebasver.
- Fixed a speed bug with interaction to rails.
- Fixed trains not being properly effected by their speed reduction due to rollingstock weight.
- fixed trains not actually going their correct speed cap.
- Fixed some model deformations for flat cubes.
- Fixed bogie positions for the wellcar.
- Added a bunch of missing recipes.
- Added BP4 trucks by Bidahochi.
- Hopefully fixed a jumpy speed bug caused by desync.
- Fixed missing lamps on a few trains.
- Fixed a bug with the green Class 66 skin.
- Fixed linking distance for the LSSP7.
- Fixed sitting position for the MILW passenger.
- Fixed a crash related to the railcraft cart placer.
- Fixed a bug with the rail track items and some greif prevention/ownership mods that allowed them to be partially placed inside of areas the player does not have permission to edit.
- Some fixes for train despawning

- Tenders can now take water from linked tanker cars.
- Steam trains now use a simpler and far more reliable method for getting fuel and water from their tenders.
- Changed entity initialization to potentially fix a large number of issues when spawning/loading trains and stock, this might fix a lot of things like the spawning sideways bug, but it might also introduce new bugs, or even just straight out do nothing (this is one of the main changes that has caused some unease in the development team).


  1. Can you make it so that we can place the tracks like we want them to be like a spiral up or make any kind of switch like Immersive railroading or RTM? Thank you

  2. Thank you for doing so much for the comunity !

  3. Hey Guy what do you think how much time you need for the 1.12.2?

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