New year, new Traincraft release

Well plans were to get 019 and the rewrite's first alpha (TiM) out last month, but things got a bit hectic, between holidays, my car breaking down 3 times, and 2 days lost due to discord raids (which we had to change our invite link to fix), we were on no shortage of delays.

019 Is going into it's last stage of bug testing now, short of something else breaking last minute, the code is done and the new content is in, and we're on schedule to release very soon.
This also means we finally have a changelog ready, which will be at the bottom of the post.

Speaking of future things, we are also working on a collaboration for getting the official server up and running, development for it was stalled there for a good few months, as it was very hard to find help to do the hard tasks.
And we could still use a few more hands on deck, specifically reliable builders who can do styles from 14th to 16th century while using a rather limited set of mods.
Send a DM to Mutt_1066#4200 on our discord if you'd like to apply.

I wanna take the chance to thank the community for all the patience around this release, and all the work that was done on the new content.
This is just the beginning, 2019 is going to be a big year for Traincraft.

Happy New Year everyone!

- Added two D51's with two skins each, and a tender for them by Broscolotos, icons by Eternal Blue Flame.
- Added the Bamboo engine and stock with a bunch of skins by Ondar, Item icons by Eternal Blue Flame.
- Added the German Post car and two additional skins for it by Sebasver.
- Added the depressed Flatbed car by Broscolotos.
- added the CD151 by Ondar with 3 skins.
- Added two new passenger skins by Ondar.
- Added a new Logging cab skin by TobiasCZe.
- Added a new BoxCart US skin by Trainman.
- New Boxcart (US) skins from wcfb75.
- New Wellcar skins from wcfb75.
- New SD70 skins from wcfb75.
- New Hopper skins from wcfb75.
- New passenger skin by MadFrogs.
- New green and red Rheingold passenger skin by Sebasver.
- ASTF ft-41 Auto rack by Sebasver.
- Added the 4000 gallon tender and a few skins by Broscolotos.
- Added the Hall Class and a few skins by Broscolotos.
- Added the King Class and a few skins by Broscolotos.
- Added the Freight Car L by MudkipLover4.
- Added the WLs40 by GreenPC.
- Added a green wellcar skin by GreenPC.
- Added some new icons by LunarTales.
- Code this push by Broscolotos.
- Added the Fowler 4F and it's tender by Riggs64.
- Added the USATC S100 (US and UK variants) by Riggs64.
- Added the Berkshire 1225, 765, and their tender, by Riggs64.
- Added the C41 0-8-0 by Riggs64.
- Added the Alco SC4 by Riggs64.
- Added 2 additional skins for the Denver Rio Grand rollingstock by Riggs64.
- Added the K Class Rail Box by Bidahochi.
- Added the LSSP7 by Bidahochi.
- Added the FOL-M1 by Bidahochi.
- Added the short and long covered hoppers by Bidahochi.
- Added the Rock Island GS4 skins by Bidahochi.
- Added the Lime EMD F7 A and B skins by Prof_Binky.
- Added the red class 66 skin by MadFrogs.
- Added the E103 by sebasver
- Added the BP4 by Bidahochi.
- Added the Heavyweight Baggage car by ApocTheWanderer (commissioned by DemonOrca95)
- New Driving assistant blocks and GUI tools (aka MTC) by PeachMaster.

- Updated GS4 bogie by Broscolotos.
- Added a bogie for the Rheingold set by Sebasver.
- Updated Rheingold models and skins by Sebasver.
- Updated C62 model and skins by Broscolotos.
- Updated GP7 skins from wcfb75
- Updated E10 model and textures from Sebasver.
- New E10 bogie model and texture to go with the updated E10.
- Updated Orange EMD F3 B unit skin, and SD40 skins from wcfb75.
- Updated white A4 mallard and tender skins by MadFrogs.
- Updated the 44 ton switcher by Riggs64.
- Updated the C41, C41T and their tender by Riggs64.
- Updated the Southern 1102 now named the "baldwin 4-6-0" and it's tender, by Riggs64.
- Updated the textures for the content by Riggs64.
- Added a startup notification to inform users of TiM, it only displays the first time you boot 019.

- Electric track can now accept Railcraft Charge alongside RF, this should make it significantly more usable in smaller packs.
- Added ore directory support for 3rd party coal, redstone, and water containers.
- Reduced RAM use for recipes.
- Stock spawned by villages now has chunkloading off by default.
- Small improvement to rendering methods, should improve FPS slightly.
- Updated a number of locomotive stats with help from Articulated Engineer.
- Several small performance enhancements for both client and server, mostly server.
- Added some very minor anti-griefing stuff.
- Added a notice about TiM and our new website.

- Fix for speed cap bug.
- Added missing orient recipe
- Fixed a few causes for invisible and partially invisible track.
- Fixed a bug where trains would not allow other players to link/unlink them while unlocked.
- Corrected the name "SD70 Union Pacific" to the name "SD70M" to reflect the actual model rather than the skins.
- Corrected the name "SD40 Santa Fe" to the name "SD40-2" to reflect the actual model rather than the skins.
- fixed a crash related to one of our tile entities having the same exact ID as one from another mod.
- Fixed improper passenger positions for a number of cars.
- Fixed what was assumed to be a rider position desync when on slopes.
- Fixed some linking distances.
- Fixed a Z-buffer bug in the render.
- Fixed some passenger position issues in GS4 cars.
- Fixed a hauling capacity bug.
- Fixed an inventory bug with the track builder.


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  2. hey does it mean 1.12.2 ver. is coming out or is it staying on 1.7.10


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