Traincraft 019, what's going on behind closed doors.

We've all been waiting a while on 019, and most are wondering what the hold-up is.

Well the big news about 019 is that it's a content update, it's been a long while since we had one of those.

With things from small carts made of bamboo, to the JNR D51, and a number of new skins.
And of course a few updates to existing trains and stock, because some of our more dedicated community members, like Riggs64 and Sebasver, are always striving to improve their work.
I can't announce the full list just yet because a lot of things havn't finished getting through quality control yet, but the D51 probably carries a lot of hype on it's own.

Bugfixes are in the works too.
018 didn't go without some issues of it's own, and those are being addressed for the next release.
The speed bugs where trains can go crazy fast has been dealt with.
And I fixed my modifications to the permissions stuff that caused various issues with players not being able to link/unlink trains and stock when they should be able to.

Some older bugs have been getting attention as well.
We fixed an issue where when villages spawned trains and stock chunkloading was enabled. Sorry to say that if the stock is already spawned, it won't be fixed, we have no way to tell if it's still part of the village, or if a player is using it.
Some work has been done to the rendering code in an attempt to fix some shader bugs caused by other mods that don't clean GL when they are done with it.
I'm working on dealing with some distance issues on linking that cause the "accordion" effect, specifically for the F7/F3 and BoxCart (US).

A couple new features, no bugs from these, I swear.
The recipe manager has undergone more work, so now there will be support for water containers other than buckets, and non-vanilla iron.
Our electric trains and track will now accept Railcraft Charge.

And as always there's been a degree of minor performance improvements, anything helps at this point, right?

Honestly a lot of the delays fell on my, I've been really busy lately, and I moved my workstation over to Linux (Ubuntu), which means I have to wait on the new modeling tool made by Fexcraft before I can start implementing the new trains and stock into the game.
Although the silver-lining is this has given the community a lot more time to work on their content submissions for 019.