022, The events behind Traincraft's new "ownership" and other recent things.

Been a while since I talked here, hasn't it?

I generally moved my progress notes to just the GitHub, the notes had become too simple and the blog never got that much attention to merit the time the posts took, Today is a different story.

A lot has been going on and I need a medium that lets me talk in a scale that only the blog can cover, so sit back, grab a cup of tea, and get ready to read a good bit, these are not short stories.

Good news first, 019 through 021 were re-uploaded a couple months ago with a few fixes, in fact a major bug related to rendering in 021 was included in the fixes.
022 development has been slower than usual, but recently, and ironically thanks to a lot of drama, a number of users were inspired to help, and since we have gotten more active than ever.
On top of the dozens of bugs that have gotten fixes, one of the community members even managed to revive the heavy steam locomotive, minus the heavy steam of course, railcraft did away with that ages ago.

But it seems steps forward don't come without steps back.

An ex-TC server owner that turned raider, got TC banned from curse over a rule that even curse staff said was questionable, and further proceeded to get me falsely banned from GitHub, both of which have been resolved and shouldn't cause any further issue, kudos to the CF staff member Tech for helping in detail with the issue and to push for some more strict rules in the CF discord to keep the admins from harassing people like they did us.
But due to that downtime in an effort to keep progress flowing the TiM API was moved to gitlab, hopefully their staff doesn't take an entire month to go "whoops, the bot got over-zealous" like GitHub did. Not to mention gitlab has a nicer UI.
You can check that out over here: https://gitlab.com/EternalBlueFlame/trains-in-motion
In fact, as of yesterday we started hosting 'experimental builds' with some non-TC testing content included, as the TC content is not yet ready.
You can check those out over here: https://gitlab.com/EternalBlueFlame/trains-in-motion/-/tree/master/builds

So what of this "new ownership"? You know, the headline?
Well, not long after the mess, Canitzp came back and took ownership of TC behind everyone's back without a word to current contributors or maintainers, clearly leaving him with publisher status was a mistake, especially considering at some point during the more recent raid on our distribution mediums, we received report he was working with the assailant.
More-so the problem has become since he took over, while he has been working on his own 1.12 exclusive version which is nice to see, he's been working to push out the existing maintainers and plans, even to the point that he has made his own TC discord, and has spread word of "bad blood" from me in an attempt to segregate the community between TC and TiM.

But also more recently I figured out that there's still a lot of people that don't understand the goal of TiM, and without that perspective, this doesn't seem so bad, in fact it seems as if I should divert my work, so let's try to clear that up.

As many of you already know the only reason TiM was different in name was because I had intended to honor the wishes and work of the previous owners, by all means TiM was fully intended to be a cross-version API to allow the easy continuation of Traincraft to new and old MC versions concurrently, everything from 1.7.10 to 1.16 in support for all the player's who's favorite modpacks never made it to 1.12 or later.
Keeping in mind hundreds of requests from the community for new features over the years, from fully customizable rails to multi-passenger and multi-purpose rollingstock, full train and rollingstock animations, ability to change the colors of skins in-game, ability to add custom logos to trains and rollingstock, full support for flans-esk content packs to empower content creators with their own unique styles, even going above and beyond the limits of forge adding features like rotating rectangular hitboxes.
And we all know I couldn't start over without being sure we fix old problems, from performance issues and rollingstock disconnect bugs, to problems pushing stock and multi-heading.
All this in tow, the reason I had not already taken ownership, and not had TiM follow TC in name with all content on the base mod, was because I wished to honor the time, effort, passion, and dedication to TC of the previous owners, to pay homage to the community they built which I have had the sincerest pleasure to cater to these past years, all this was intended by keeping TC it's own jar file with the content of the original creators, dependent on, but separate from the API that would keep it running.
This level of respect and honor, the broad vision for the future and long-standing relationship with the community, was clearly not shared by canitzp during his efforts, and does not appear to be something he intends to pursue in his current development plans as he continues his segregation efforts.

But that's not just my words and feelings, in response to his underhanded takeover, of their own accord, nearly every contributor, including ones that have become inactive for some time, and contributors that have been around longer than me, have already revoked the rights for their content on canitzp's version(s), this includes a growing list of over 70 trains and stock, not to mention several dozen skins, that have been added since the start of 1.7 support.
Beyond contributors, even server owners from big names like RWC, JCIR, and LoR, to smaller private servers, have spoken out about this, there are a lot of servers running on maps that are years old which would have to restart with a version change, these are entire communities of their own that spent unfathomable degrees of combined hours building together, all of which would be left behind, they aren't Forge, we aren't forge, we aren't most mods, we don't just drop entire communities because there's a new version, it's not right, we're more inclusive than that, we work harder than that, we're a stronger community than that.

Even after previous words that 1.7.10 development would be allowed to continue, and word recieved by everyone but me that he has offered compromises, I have received multiple messages from him stating that he wishes me to leave TC in favor of TiM exclusivley, and I refuse, the community has never left me, and I don't intend to leave them.
I'll leave if the true owners, spitfire and brutal, tell me to leave. And I can't see that happening, not after everything that has been done and everything that's being developed.
I will be spending time in attempts to contact them about these issues, I know they are busy people so I can't expect a quick response, and I can't expect a quick discussion with all these going's on, but this is a mess only they can set straight, and I will be sure to implement the changes that they see fit.

In the meantime, all of this has only further encouraged me to continue pushing forward on the original plans, for the sake of the vision of Traincraft that we have all built together, from newcomers to people who have owned and run TC servers since the beta.
Never forget the real TC community, the ones that have kept it going all these years. Because while development may seem slow, we never stopped thinking about the players, and we're not going anywhere.

Well... This is still a news post at it's core, not just a soapbox like I've made it sound just now, so let's get back to that...

In relation to the discord and recent raids, I should make a note that the previous raid pushed us to implement a security bot for the discord, now to be able to see the chats you need to answer a question from the bot in DM, or DM one of the staff to give your account the proper roles. Sorry for this inconvenience, the discord has a lot of members 13 and up, so we need to be sure it's safe for everyone.

And further on the topic of discords, our official in-game server just recently moved to self hosting, no more lag from poorly setup docker instances by amateurs like Pebble or TheMinecraftHosting, this one is hosted by me.
While this is an extensive improvement, I still plan to be making tweaks over time to improve it further, I think by now we all know I'm not one to settle for "well enough".
We're still looking for staff as well, we're a bit short-handed on admins, especially ones experienced in, or learning Towny. We also need help further balancing the economy managed through Custom NPC, and planning/developing new quests via Better Questing and Custom NPC. Honestly those last two will likely be the vast majority of the available work.
You can check out that discord with more info, join links, and application forums here:

Bros has gotten back into handling Content Tuesdays on our twitter, it's nice to see the community getting a better platform to show off their work again.
You can check it out here: https://twitter.com/TraincraftOFL

And since we're here, why not a progress update on all the changes coming to 022. Although it likely won't be out till all the ownership stuff is sorted out.
- Reverted rail rendering to prevent a texture bind bug for some users.
- Fixed rider positions for a large number of trains and rollingstock.
- When refining diesel canisters, distill now outputs an empty canister if there is canisters or no items in the plastic slot. If there is plastic in the plastic slot it will now return enough plastic to make a new canister.
- Partial fixes for rider position on slopes, again.
- Fixed a permissions bug for breaking trains.
- Fixed a dupe bug.
- The FOL M1 now uses the correct horn.
- FOL M1's fuel storage is now more reasonably sized.
- Improved bogie positioning for the forney.
- Fixed the S100 names.
- Reworked the underlying logic for bogies to give a noticeable performance improvement and help prevent random derails.
- Fixed an error in the lang files that prevented it from seeing the entry for the Orient Express passenger.
- Fixed an issue with the permissions systems where the mod would not try to request access through the owner entity.
- Properly setup the backup system so if the owner entity is somehow invalid it will make a fake player with the name [Traincraft]
- Added platePlastic to plastic support for Gregtech6, change by zetti68.
- Fixed a missing check for if a texture was bound before binding again, should provide reasonable FPS improvements in some cases.
- Small fixes to interaction with Trains in Motion rails.
- Fixed a bug where trains and stock would always see themselves as derailed even when pulled back onto the rails.
- Removed some redundant recipes.
- Added a crafting recipe for the D51 tender which was forgotten.
- Transport items should now reliably save owner, creator, and color.
- Fixed an issue with the track builder not properly harvesting blocks.
- Fixed a linking position issue with the forney.
- Fixed linking distance with the DRWG stock car.
- Fixed a bug related to train and rollingstock linking permissions.
- Reworks to the linking ID system, this patches the old 1.6 logic for linking ID's to be more static between save/load, and should help prevent most "accordian" bugs.
- Fixed a number of texture bugs.
- Updated logging caboose textures by bidahochi.
- Fixed a missing texture on the bridge pillar item.
- Various rendering fixes and improvements to the bridge pillar.
- Texture swap that was supposed to happen a couple releases ago.
- Texture fixes by Wcfb75.
- Fixed several offset issues with the BP4.
- Updated FOL M1 model by bidahochi.
- Updated BP4 model by bidahochi.
- Small fix to the GP7 model by bidahochi.
- Fixed some crashes related to data issues in the tile entities.
- Fixed several crashes with the rail blocks.
- Fixed a crash with the passenger flatcar.
- Fixed a crash with the rail items.
- Fixed several issues related to the distil outputting the wrong items and sometimes even crashing.
- Fixed a collision bug with the flamethrower from mekanism, due to the bogie technically being flammable.
- Fixed a crash with the admin book due to invalid data.

Bonus fixes not yet implemented but will be for 022 release:
- Fixed more sitting positions, with help from Bidahochi.
- Revival of the Heavy Steam Locomotive thanks to Bidahochi.
- Fixed some logic issues related to getting vanilla/railcraft/TiM track's metadata wrong.
- Fixed a crash that happens when you turn on the brake while on a switch.
- Knowing how things usually go, a few more things may yet be done on top of these before the release.

- Added a new permission node "/tc.admin" which allows servers to give admin book permissions to players without giving them OP, without the permission it still requires OP.
- Servers can now control the network packet frequency of trains and stock to better adjust the responsiveness to their network bandwidth, by default it is now reduced to every 3 ticks, the same as normal entities and players, this should make train and rollingstock movement much less jumpy for clients with higher ping.
- Increased train and rollingstock position tracking from a max distance of 20 chunks, to a max of 50.
- Increased bogie tracking from a max range of 32 chunks to 50.
- Slight accuracy improvements to rotations in some scenarios.
- GUI's now show the entity UUID, and the UUID from it's original placement, this information makes it significantly easier for server admins to track train theft and loss.
- transport items will now show the color, owner, and creator.
- Admin book now has a clone and delete entry option.
- Improved descriptions for several configs.
- Removed the notification about the rewrite since it was bugged and pretty much everyone knows by now.
- Added recipes to convert rails into vanilla track.
- Small re-balance energy drain for electric trains.

MTC ADDITIONS, by PeachMaster:
- Added sounds to MTC.
- Added switchover methods.
- Added message methods.
- Added destination methods.
- Made it so when trains go over a sensor, it actually changes trainOverSensor properly.
- Fixed some crashes related to client code running on server.
- Fixed an issue with the GUI.
- Fixed a possible server crash with MTC.
- Made it so that the trainThere value doesn't get stuck on the Destination Receiver.
- Possible fix to W-MTC NullPointerErors in CC.
- Fix GuiMTCInfo Crash.
- Fixed an issue where the speed limit on ATO would go down too much.
- Added ATO card, allows any train to have ATO.
- Added the option to no longer enforce speed limits enforcement (thanks JCRail).
- Added OpenComputers Support.

//EDIT: added missing linebreaks, aligned the list, and added some horizontal lines for readibility.